Christian Authors

If you are a Christian author and want to be featured where thousands of followers can view your websites, Facebook pages, and book links. You are at the right place. I am seeking Christian authors to be featured on my public pages on Facebook. I would love to help Christian authors who want to advertise and get their books in the hands of other believers. You will be featured on this website with your website information, Facebook pages, and book links showing how people can purchase your books. I will also share your book information on my public pages so all of my followers can view and then directly purchase your books from the links provided.


You must be an author that write Christian books. All content in your book must express Biblical principles on God’s word.

All books must be screened before featured, so you can send me a copy of your book in Paperback or the Kindle version.

No negative words such as profanity are not allowed.

Books with profanity and nudity will not be accepted.

All featured Christian authors who want their books advertised will have to pay  $50.00 for annual membership (once a year) which will include one book to be featured. Each additional book will be a one-time fee of $10.00 to feature on this page and advertise on my public Facebook ministry pages.

I look forward to advertising your books for you. Thank you for your support. God Bless You.

If you are ready to get out there and be seen email me at Serious inquiries only.

Click link below to sign up for membership.